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This Red Cherry Selection from the Rwenzori Mountains in Western Uganda has been specially selected as a fantastic natural lot from a collection of small holder farmers who are working with Great Lakes Coffee. You can expect notes of peach, juicy raisins, strawberry yogurt and subtle milk chocolate.

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Although Uganda is one of the leading producers of Robusta coffee, there is a steady growth of Arabica production, especially around the Mt Elgon area in the East of the country and the Rwenzori mountains in the west.

The Rwenzori Mountains provide exceptional terroir for high quality coffee, but the sheer remoteness, convoluted supply chain structure, and traditionally poor post-harvest processes have combined to ensure that the quality potential of these coffees is historically seldom achieved. We are happy to say we have commercially viable access to this true Speciality Natural from Western Uganda.



This coffee has been sourced from farmers spread throughout the Rwenzori Mountain region, with average farm sizes of 1.3 acres, or 750 trees. The ripe cherries are collected and transported to a drying station in the town of Kasese.  These cherries are immediately floated to remove any insect damaged cherries, and then spread out on raised drying beds to be sorted and turned during the 14 – 18 day drying cycle.


Once the coffees have reached a moisture level of 12% in dried cherry form (locally called Kiboko, which in Swahili means ‘Hippopotamus’, due to the shape and colour of the dried cherry) they are moved to the warehouse to rest for 2 weeks before being transported to a dry mill facility in Kampala.


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